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How will EMV affect you, your company and your career?

Those who have been through an EMV migration will tell you it's a game changer. The quality of information you get in the early stages will support you through the coming years. The US migration to EMV has begun! You are in an excellent position to take advantage of lessons learned in other migrations. To minimize the risks and maximize opportunities, payments players in the US must be aware of how decisions and actions taken early in the migration by one stakeholder group can impact (positively and negatively) the industry overall.

Why Attend an ACT Canada Event to learn more about EMV?

Representing key payment industry stakeholders, ACT Canada was an important source of information during the Canadian migration to EMV. They have designed stakeholder panels to describe the impact of EMV on your business and technology strategies and EMV lessons learned in North America.

If you are an issuer, acquirer/processor, ISO, retailer or a supplier who will support these stakeholders one of the following events will give you EMV insights to help you over the next 12 – 18 months.

As an attendee, you receive 1 year of privileged access to additional EMV information available at ACT Canada's To receive the ACT Canada e-newsletter or for more information of the other EMV roadshow events, contact us at

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