EMV Documents

The following documents are for your use. Some provide practical checklists to help you with EMV planning. Others offer insights and yet others talk about products and services that you will be researching as you move forward with EMV, mobile commerce and other changes to payments.

We have grouped them to assist you in finding what you want quickly and easily. More information will be added over the coming months, so please bookmark this page for your own use.


These documents have merchant focused information about EMV, the importance of the merchant in the payments landscape, steps merchants should take to prepare for future changes to payment and other documents.

Merchants and EMV Best Practices: this document, created by the ACT Canada Merchant Strategic Leadership team outlines information you should know about EMV, provides a checklist of items you should review, and questions you should ask. It lists places to go for more information. Many of the items on the checklist will be relevant not only for EMV conversion, but for when you are considering other payment products, interfaces, form factors or applications.
Download Merchants & EMV Best Practices.

Making Sense of it All: explains who has to be involved, architecture considerations, required expertise, certification timelines and payment transaction lifecycles.
Download Making Sense of it All.

Preparing Merchants for Change. This whitepaper, prepared by the ACT Canada Merchant Strategic Leadership team, looks at the issues of changes to payment process from the perspective of the retailer.
Download Preparing Mercants for Change.

Engaging Merchants: What will it take to turn them into payment system partners? This was written for Canadian merchants as they embarked upon EMV conversion, but the principles apply to merchants everywhere, not only as they migrate to EMV, but also as they contemplate mobile commerce, contactless interfaces and other new form factors or applications.
Download Engaging Merchants.


These documents include information relevant to a broad group of stakeholders in the US.

EMV 101 & Myths. This presentation from Collis and B2 provides a high level explanation of what EMV covers and doesn't, including fraud prevention, type approvals, the 3 main steps in an EMV transaction and busts some popular myths. .
Download EMV 101 & Myths.

Myths and Facts about EMV in the U.S. This presentation from Gemalto ?busts? some of the popular myths about EMV in the US.
Download Myths and facts about EMV in the U.S.

Introduction to EMV and Contactless in the USA. This paper from Collis and B2 provides information on key dates set for the migration to EMV in the US and outlines issues to be considered.
Download Introduction to EMV & Contactless in the USA.

Winning and Losing Strategies for EMV Migration. This presentation addresses issuer timelines, strategy considerations, and options.
Download Winning and losing strategies for EMV migration (FICS Consulting).

MULTOS: Winning and Losing Strategies for EMV Migration. The case for EMV migration, choosing a smart card platform and the chip perspective can be found in this presentation.
Download Winning and Losing Strategies for EMV Migration (MULTOS).

Glossary: definitions for key terms you will encounter.
Download Glossary.


These documents include information relevant to a broad group of stakeholders in the US.

EMV Canadian Migration. This presentation from the GFH Group provides a look at timelines, the trial, national rollout, issues, fraud and both the consumer and merchant experience. GFH Group managed the trial Project Management Office.
Download EMV Canadian Migration.

EMV Trial Canada is a must read for issuers, acquirers, merchants and suppliers. It outlines the trial and provides lessons learned, including the ?did well?, ?next time? and ?always? insights that are valuable for those embarking on EMV migration.
Download EMV Trial Canada.

Lessons Learned in the UK is a high level look at the subject, as well as specific retailer lessons.
Download Lessons Learned in the UK.


During your conversion to EMV, you will need a great deal of support from suppliers of services and products. These organizations can also provide insights and knowledge gained by working with other organizations that have already made the move. In this section, you can learn more about these companies and their offerings.

Collis / B2 EMV & Contactless Offering outlines all the services and products offered in support of the emerging market.
Download Collis / B2 EMV & Contactless Offering.

Gemalto Worldwide Migration to EMV
Download Gemalto Worldwide Migration to EMV.

Gemalto, the world leader in making digital transactions secure and easy.
Download Gemalto the world leader in making digital transactions secure and easy.


While increasing security through the use of EMV, payment stakeholders are also looking at changes in form factors, the desire to offer new products and services and looking for fraud mitigation in other areas.

These presentations address these areas.

Gemalto's Ezio Plug&Sign for secure online corporate banking.
Download Gemalto's Ezio Plug&Sign.

Gemalto explains the role of the Trusted Service Manager.
Download Gemalto ExplainsThe Role of the Trusted Service Manager.