What do merchants need to know about testing and certification?

Posted On: March 21st 2011

Nothing, unless they by their own terminal from the vendor directly. If this is the case then they should buy a EMVco certified terminal and do their own brand certification. If they buy from processor then they should verify that the terminal has the required brand certifications (usually has). When a merchant has its own back office system (large merchants have central system) then this should be certified.

Generally, nothing, your acquiring bank or POS provider should already have tested and certified your device.

Merchants should be speaking with their acquirers NOW to find out about key chip compliant program dates and which organizations they have selected to supply terminals, and test tools for certification etc. By appointing a dedicated contact to liaise with their Acquirer Account Manager, the merchant will be able to identify exactly what tests to perform, enable more efficient certification testing, eliminate risk of projects over-running, save costs, reduce stress and frustration and build confidence.

As a card accepting merchant, your point of sale servicer and acquiring processor should ensure that your devices and systems are fully tested, certified and in compliance with all brand and card group organizations requirements for EMV and Chip card acceptance.

What are the steps required to do an EMV conversion, who are all the participants a merchant needs to work with and who is responsible for each part?

Posted On: March 21st 2011

Small Merchant needs to get an EMV training (get the basic knowledge to be able to ask the right questions) and get in contact with its processor. Large merchants need to get in contact with integrator like Collis who can help them select the right vendor (processing and terminal) and set up all requirements.

  • Ensure your acquiring bank can support EMV transactions by contacting them.
  • Acquire new devices that support EMV transactions through your acquiring bank or POS provider.
  • Train your front line employees, each payment scheme has some information available to help your with this.

This will be coordinated and driven by the merchants Acquirer Account Manager.

As a card accepting merchant, you will need to work with your point-of-sale servicer, acquiring processor, payment brand and payment group organization on your Acceptance Devices, Terminal Management System, Terminal to Acquirer interface and Host System. If you dispense cash from an ATM, there could be additional message processing system requirements.
Impacts on merchant systems as a result of EMV conversion that may need to be modified and should be evaluated include the following: Merchant-to-acquirer host interface; Back-office systems for major merchants that support their own back-office systems; Capacity planning for merchant networks that process, capture, log, and back-up transactions

Operationally, develop training programs:

  • Train the Trainer / Supervisor classroom raining / Incorporate into existing standard cashier training
  • Point-of sale devices – get your supplier to sponsor training on how to use, Integration with ECR, and Troubleshooting or swap out
  • Merchandise refunds and returns should work the same in the magnetic stripe world.
  • Training Materials – Quick reference and FAQ sheets
  • Inform Customer Service and Cashiers of toll free Number for level 2 support
  • Web Training - Access to Website and how to Use/Navigate