Documents for Download

Merchant Networks and EMV: Opportunities & Issues
This document provides insights into how chip migration impacts you, liability shift, migration strategy, staff training & opportunities.

Guidelines for PIN Transactions
An overview of chip and PIN transaction guidelines, including topics such as inserting the cards to dealing with locked PINs.

Merchant FAQs
A list of frequently asked questions related to merchants.

Best EMV Practices for Merchants
The Merchant Strategic Leadership team has put together a presentation for retailers first starting to plan for an EMV conversion.

Increased Security

When you accept chip cards, you gain many safety advantages:

  • Chip cards are more difficult to counterfeit, leading to a reduction in fraud.
  • The use of PIN provides additional security for lost or stolen cards.
  • Merchants benefit from fewer charge-backs.
  • Merchants with chip terminals are not liable for the cost of card fraud as long as cashiers follow the directions indicated in terminal prompts and use the routine security practices of their establishment.
  • Replacing cash with chip cards reduces the risks that result from handling and storing currency.
  • Chip cards reduce the potential for errors and losses because they eliminate the need for paper reconciliation.
  • Transaction records for chip card payments are completely electronic.
  • Chip transactions don't rely on sales assistants to make difficult judgments about signature validation. All they have to do is follow the terminal prompts.